#TBT – Color Me Badd, I wanna sex you up

Color Me Badd, Throwback Thursday

Color Me Bad’s smash hit I Wanna Sex You Up is your Throwback Thursday track. I make no apologies for posting this, I was around 15 when it came out so it’s firmly etched into my brain from a time of sexual awakening and confused musical taste.

To this day, I’m still not 100% sure I know what it means to be Sex’d Up. But it doesn’t sound sexy. It sounds messy and unsatisfying, and only really works if delivered in a central European accent by a very hot waiter.

Apparently there is a reunion on the cards, although this, from WikipediaIn 2013 Color Me Badd launched their official website colormebaddmusic.com, although the site is still under construction as of August 2015.

Turn it up.