The Top 10 Rules of Boyband Fashion

Say what you like about One Direction (as long as it’s nice) they have a brilliant stylist. But not so the legions of boybands that have come before them, let’s take a look at the 10 rules for boyband styling with special note to N’Sync who seem to have trail-blazed the look in every category.

Rule One
The Mix N’ Match T-Shirt

The corner stone of the 90’s casual look, simply accessorised with necklace and a pair of high-waisted Levi 501’s and chunky belt.

English boy band Take That
Plenty of spare button holes.
Nsync. Fashion offensive
‘Five for One’ on belts.

Rule Two
Be Not Afraid of Double Denim

Jackets, shirts, bombers, blazers, jeans, dungarees, dark, sky, ripped, shiny or floral lined. There are no rules when it comes to denim.

Guy in the middle is still pissed about the lazily hung backdrop
Unpacked and worn with store creases still visible.

Rule Three
Even When it’s Warm: Do Fur

A symbol of money and power, and more often hip hop – fur is a key boy band line-up accent piece.

‘If he gets the shiny pants, I’m wearing the floor rug,’ said Justin in a huff.
Backstreet Boys – Note the fur, white & denim combo: The Holy Trinity.
Fur so heavy, walking sticks were brought in.

Rule Four
Let It Shine: Blinding Metallics

Be it silver slacks or sharp metallic dinner jackets with a pop of colour, when hit the stage, you’re ready to shine.

Boyzone: Leaning right. Not too tight.
2gether shiny
2Gether: Seriously, who is the dude second from the left?
Guy in the back forgot his pocket handkerchief.

Rule Five
Use Colour Wisely

Perfect pallets, matching hues or creatively clashed – the boy band who wears colour says, ‘I checked my contract and it says we are individuals.’

colour pallets
Effortless style from the number one boy band.
We don’t have to discuss this

Rule Six
Wear It Once: White

Timeless and classic. A forever-look for boybands across the decades. It says virginal angel while suggesting a good home laundry system.

Westlife: Angels with grubby trouser hems
Backstreet Boys: White with snow boots & chest
boyzone white
Boyzone: All White

Rule Seven

Boybands ready for entertaining tweenagers, children and painting your house: the dungaree is worn to put your mother at ease.

Nothing inside. Absolutely nothing.
Serial Offenders: N’Sync. Take the fucking sunglasses off your head.

Rule Eight
No Pants: No Rules

You may think a tattooed arm is the signature naked limb, but not so. The no-pant, just stood up from the loo look is surprisingly enduring.

The Wanted Wacky
Backstreet Boys: Ready for a number 2.


Incase anyone is in any doubt, or someone on the tour bus mistakes you for a junior sparky, make sure you match something. Or everything.

Boys 2 Men show how to match.
Boyz 2 Men: Hair & outfits with a hint of church. 
2gether Again: Stars and Stripes. Guy second from the left. WHO IS HE?
N Sync
Note: Colour, White, Matching & Fur. No finer example of boyband fashion exists.

Rule TEN
After-hours: The Undone Tuxedo Look

Roofies at the ready. Can they buy you one last drink?

Blue. Going to bed with or without you.
Secret: It’s been undone since he left wardrobe. Thats right! It was never tied.
Westlife. Well done on the tie.

What do you think? Have I missed any? The sporty look? Who is the worst dressed boyband of all time?

Leave your thoughts below.