FANDOM PROFILE: 5 Seconds Of Summer (5SOS)

Have you been hiding under a rock for the last few years? Do you spend your days locked in a basement trying to unlock the sexy bits in your XBOX games? Are you someone’s annoying younger brother?

Well if so, you’re forgiven for not knowing who 5 Seconds of Summer are. Almost.

Sydney boys, they first rose to prominence on Youtube (where all the bright sparks are born these days) before heading out on tour with a teeny tiny Boyband you might have heard of: One Direction.

The online world teenagers are exposed to gets a lot of flack, and yet the world of fandoms is a place teenagers feel they belong. It’s quite safe, and quite supportive. And they’re not all crazy 13 year olds who have no life outside their band either, their tastes are broad, varied and rarely dull.

‘I march to the beat of my own drum.’ @lyricceline

As part of a new series of articles on FANDOMS, I wanted to start with #5SOSfam (as they’re known) because they’re fanbase are full of dedicated, lovely, sweet young things who are passionate, smart, sassy and HUGELY vocal on tumblr and twitter.

Thanks to the strong, beautiful & unique contributors:

@maje_styles@cliffisnotcool, @Onesecondxx,@lyricceline & @pimperoni

5 Seconds of Summer arriving to huge crowds of fans at Narita Airport Featuring: 5 Seconds of Summer, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood Where: Tokyo, Japan When: 22 Feb 2015 Credit: **Not available for publication in Japan**

Why do you love 5SOS?

@pimperoni They took a dream that they had at such a young age and made it come true with the help of their fans. They’re always about the music and the fans..
@cliffisnotcool: They are so relatable. They are dorky, just like their fans. What I like about their music is that it always sounds powerful, even the slower songs like Amnesia or Invisible.
@maje_styles: Yes, they look good, but that’s not the main reason I love them. It’s just a bonus 😉
@lyriccelineI think they’re just all around great guys. Well at least from what I know about them.
@Onesecondxx Because they are amazing, and write songs that have a lot of meaning, and they always try to make us feel loved and I know they care about me. And they make me happy everyday, and they are also really hot

@pimperoni: People that understand your ideas and your love for band is the greatest thing ever. The bond that is created from you and someone through a band is indescribable. Especially when it’s 5sos.

What’s it like to be in a fandom?

@cliffisnotcool: Like every other fandom it’s basically like a group of people who like the same stuff like you. It’s a place on the internet where we support each other. I met some of the greatest people in this fandom and I don’t want to miss them.
@lyricceline It’s extremely interesting. The fans are so diverse in the personality department. For the most part the fans are all pretty nice. The ones I’m friends with anyway. The rest can be a bit much. But as a total I’d say it’s a ride only a few can handle.
@Pimperoni Being in the fandom has brought me some of my closets friends. If it weren’t for 5sos I wouldn’t have met some of my friends at ROWYSO or in the group chat with me friends where we started #WELOVELUKEBECAUSE
@maje_styles: I have met so many friends through this fandom and they’re all really supportive and they get me.
@Onesecondxx You get new friends, amazing music, people that makes you happy. And I have also found people that I can talk with no matter what and that I know support me. It’s just an amazing feeling because you know that we are all here for each other.


Describe a day in the life of a 5SOS fan.

@maje_styles The first thing I wake up to is the sound of them (my alarm sound is ‘greenlight’.
@Onesecondxx The first thing I do is to check my phone and see if one of the guys have tweeted something. Every time I have a chance and when I am with my friends I talk about them.
@maje_styles when I’m at school all I can think about is them, like “what if they start to following me” or “what if they announce something” haha. And when I come home I annoy my parents with 5sos, cause everything they say, I relate to 5sos. And I listen to them 24/7 (and other bands of course)
@cliffisnotcool I spent my evening mostly on Twitter and Tumbl where I’m looking at Fanart and other stuff.
@pimperoni If i’m not busy then I’m on Twitter or playing League of Legends!
@Onesecondxx And before I go to bed I check my phone again just in case something has happened.

Are you part of any other fandoms? 

A really diverse and interesting mix: Doctor Who, Phandom, One Direction 2, Ariana Grande, Harry Potter, Halsey and Ed Sheeran


Most fandoms seem to like and respect each other – can you recall an incident or time when there was friction between fandoms?

@cliffisnotcool I remember that one time when 5SOS won an award and other fandoms said that the 5SOSfam manipulated the voting somehow. (That’s not true obviously)
@pimperoni Yes, there has been quite a bit of friction in the 5sos fandom. There has been arguments with “who’s band is better” or terrible hashtags created to make a member upset. Bad articles written about them.. rumours that grab fans attention. I would be lying if I said there was no friction in this fandom.
@Onesecondxx Directioners and Beliebers always have small fight and when they but the album out the same day they kind of went to “war” on which one would sound best and sell best.
@maje_styles we are gonna vote for awards and stuff, but between the fandom there can be a few fights haha
@lyricceline There have been frequent incidents, especially recently surrounding the lead singer, Luke, and his girlfriend. Of course there’s going to be jealousy in this situation, considering the 5sos fam is such a dedicated fan base. But for me personally I just wish we collectively gave 5sos their privacy.


What do people who are not in a fandom NOT understand about you?

@Pimperoni They don’t understand that 5sos have saved peoples lives. That 5sos aren’t just a band.
@cliffisnotcool older people in general don’t understand the concept of fandoms.
@lyricceline They don’t understand that a majority of the things we say are jokes. The fans have a very different and unique since of humour that only WE can understand. Even 5sos can’t keep up sometimes!
@Onesecondxx They don’t understand that music can mean so much to me, and how people I “don’t know” can make me so happy.
@maje_styles How I can be so obsessed with a band and why I am fangirling so bad
@Pimperoni I don’t listen to 5sos only. Also, that they aren’t the only topic I talk about. I love 5sos and I am a fan but i’m not obsessed or want to marry them. I look up to them!

Have you met the band? Or been mentioned/commented on social media by any of them?

@pimperoni I tweeted a drawing of my guitar and dedicated it Michael a few months ago. I didn’t expect it to get any attention but when I went back on twitter it already had two hundred retweets. Later on that day he followed me!
@lyricceline I haven’t met them but they have all interacted with me on Twitter 🙂 My most known exchange was with calum when I called him a John Lennon turtle, and he saw and sarcastically commented back “why ya gotta be so negative”! I don’t think I’ll ever see the end of that.

Does your obsession exist online or do you have fangirl RL friends?

@cliffisnotcool Non of my real life friends like the bands that I like but I talk about it with them anyway 😀
@Onesecondxx Like I fangirl to my friends that don’t like them, and I have my internet friends.
@lyricceline It mainly exists online. Most of the people I know in real life don’t care for the band. But I do have a few in real life fan friends. It’s awesome! I believe we as fans have more friends online because that’s a safe place to truly be yourself. A common thing people don’t understand about fangirls. The Internet isn’t just an obsession.
@maje_styles I have like two people who truly understand my fangirling in real life, but mostly online
@pimperoni Everyone knows I love 5sos! I have friends online and in person that know how much I love 5sos. It’s not a secret or anything.

Are 5SOS good to their fans?

@lyricceline For the most part yes. There are certain situations where I personally would have handled things differently but they’re still young guys learning about the fame that was so quickly handed to them.
@pimperoni All of 5sos care of their fans and I can’t thank them enough for it.

Your favourite TV shows

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hannibal, Skins, Vampire Diaries, Red Band, Society, bobs burgers,American horror

Your Favourite Record

@cliffisnotcool I can never decide what my favourite song is but at the moment it’s Safety Pin.
@Onesecondxx Sounds good feels good or Made in the a.m
@maje_styles Catch fire and broken home (sgfg)
@pimperoni Deja Entendu Brand New
@lyricceline I don’t have one. My music taste varies and can go from rap to rock to pop to country in a flash. I wish there was a album full of everything.

Last thing you searched for on Google?
@lyricceline I searched “is squidward from spongebob actually a squid?” because there was controversy over that. He is an octopus as it turns out.