If there’s one word to describe One Direction its HUGE. They’ve broken a gazillion records, won a string of awards – they were the first band in history to have 4 albums debut at number 1, 2013’s biggest selling album, 2014’s highest grossing concert tour and subsequently they became the 2nd highest earning celebrities under 30. That’s why they’re the inspiration for my book Going Solo and why they had to be profiled immediately.

A band that impressive has to have a fandom to match – and they do not disappoint. Directioners are easily the hardest working and most devoted (don’t tell the Beliebers) but they’re also kind, supportive and more than a little bit crazy.

Yes, these often outrageous peeps are responsible for some of the funniest and weirdest things to ever come out of a fandom – including that notorious fan fiction. Actually, maybe just start here:  18 Times the Fandom Went to Far.

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing these creative, fierce and fabulous ladies about being a fan, the loss of Zayn and what the future holds for the fandom after the ‘break’ in march. @Megan_moriarty2, @Niam_Lashton_@AmyRoseWrightx@cw1234@cwtchmeirwin@itsshannen__ and @GrxcieBoo0212.

Why do you love 1D so bad?

@Megan_moriarty2 There just perfect and they care so much about their fans
@Niam_Lashton_ The sense of safety the create with their music – their songs tell true stories and are easy to relate to. They always give out positive messages and the influence they have had on other peoples lives is so inspiring.
@AmyRoseWrightx They appreciate everything that everyone does for them, especially the fans, they adore us.
@cw1234 They are amazing there songs cheer me up when I’m sad and I like that it’s the best thing ever.
@cwtchmeirwin One Direction are my escape from reality. I feel like they accept me. I feel loved.
@itsshannen__ Well I’ve been a fan of the boys from day 1!  …their music is really good …it’s gotten better over the years.
@GrxcieBoo0212 They are all really talented, they make me laugh,they are gorgeous and they have changed my life.


The fandom is amazing! Every directioner is so beautiful. @cwtchmeirwin

What’s it like to be in the 1D fandom?

@Megan_moriarty2 It’s great you make so many new friends that understand how you feel about the boys
@GrxcieBoo0212 Its amazing, but its also very stressful at times.
@Niam_Lashton_ It can get crazy being about of the 1D fandom, but we are like a family. No matter what the situation is we know that we can always speak to another fan about it.
@AmyRoseWrightx It’s best thing that’s ever happened to me, I’ve gained friendships from all over the world even from places like Australia! I get so much happiness out of being able to talk to people who love them as much as I do.
@cw1234 You get loads of support and I’ve met some of my greatest friends through Twitter because of it.
@cwtchmeirwin The fandom love and support each other just as much as the boys love and support us! I’ve met some amazing people who understand me, I feel at home.
@itsshannen__ Yeah I guess in a way people understand what it’s like to hear them live and cry because you’ve seen them on the tv or through a computer screen and for me or any other fans I’ve met to even be in the same room as them is like wow they are real


Whats a day in the life of a 1D fan like?

@Megan_moriarty2  My day starts with listening to their album and I always check Twitter to see what the boys are up to
@itsshannen__  Well most of the time it’s school haha.
But when a new song comes out ..I would sit and keep it on repeat and just learn the song ….when the new album came out I was thrilled …it is amazing ..then of course there is interviews that I some times stay up till the early hours of the morning .but their new album is amazing …go Buy it 🙂

Wake up-eat-1D Twitter session-School-music (1D)-eat-sleep while dreaming of nesting the best boy band in the world. @cw1234

@Niam_Lashton_ Everyday is extremely stressful as we never know what will be thrown at us (especially considering we probably didn’t get much sleep the night before because everything exciting happens while you’re sleeping and you don’t want to miss it). I check my phone multiple times a day just to see if one of them has finally followed/replied to me.
@AmyRoseWrightx I usually wake up for college or work and play an album whilst I get ready and then il always be getting notifications throughout the day about what they are doing and I can never help myself by making one direction links or quotes to everything that happens in my day!
@cwtchmeirwin Hectic, everything is completely chaotic! If we are not voting then we are making trends, slaying, supporting, loving the boys, talking to new people and having fun. But if we are voting then we are doing it all at once. There is usually so much drama but we all get through it because at the end of the day we are here for the music and to support the boys!
@GrxcieBoo0212 A day in the life of a 1D fan basically consists of sitting on social media all day staring at pictures of them, watching funny moments & interviews on youtube and fangirling whenever you hear One Direction.

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Are you part of any other fandoms?

5.@Megan_moriarty2 I am part of other fandom a but not as obsessed as I am with 1D
@GrxcieBoo0212 Im also in the 5sos fandom, im a mixer, a megatron & an arianator.
@cwtchmeirwin 5SOSFam, Zquad, Halsey and Hey Violet
@cw1234 im part of the joe sugg fandom! He is amazing!
@Niam_Lashton_ I am a part of the 5SOS Fam. Apart from music I am a fan of a lot of youtubers, such as Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Dan and Phil
@itsshannen__ I’m part of this band called hometown – Go check them out they have covers of songs on YouTube and a new album on Friday coming out

Tell us about the friction between fandoms – is there any?

@itsshannen__  There was an incident were the 5sos fandom made a hash tag saying that directioners want Ashton (one of the 5sos members ) to cut again now for someone who has friends who have hurt them selves I didnt approve of this….I’m a 5sos fsn as well and I know for a fact directioners didn’t start that hashtag !!

There’s always some type of drama with the 1D fandom. @Niam_Lashton_

@cwtchmeirwin most fandoms respect each other and help each other, although there are a few arguments between the rivalry fandoms. Those usually happen between us & beliebers and 5sosfam & 5H fans.
@cw1234 i’ve never been part of any friction between any fandoms.
@GrxcieBoo0212 Erm the only incident i can think of is when 1D & Justin Bieber realsed their albums on the same day, there was a lot of tension between fandoms.
@Niam_Lashton_ I think the ones that occur the most are to do with the 5SOS Fam, unfortunately.
@AmyRoseWrightx I think all fandom’s are pretty close especially the 5sos and 1D fandom, I think maybe it only gets a bit of friction when it comes to competitions such as award shows or even album releases.

What do people not understand about you, about the fandom?

@Megan_moriarty2 Well they don’t really understand how much the boys mean to us even though we don’t personally know them they mean the world to us
@itsshannen__  They don’t understand why I cry over this band and I’m not going to explain myself to a bunch of people who don’t understand me

Most of the people who don’t understand me don’t like one direction. @itsshannen__

@cwtchmeirwin I don’t think people understand we are not all 13 years old and that we can’t be 13 year olds for 5 years straight. One Direction make us extremely happy and I guess people outside fandom life don’t understand how much they mean to us.
@GrxcieBoo0212 People who are not in a fandom don’t understand how supportive I am and how i spend all day every day talking about a band.

Most people don’t understand that I need wifi.all the time. @cw1234

@AmyRoseWrightx People who aren’t in the 1D fandom don’t realise how much happiness and excitement we get out of being in this fandom. We never have a boring day and its fun to find new people to talk to about their 1D life and experiences.

Have you ever met them? 

@Megan_moriarty2 I have been to concerts which I was quite close to them but it would be a dream to meet them or either be recognised on Twitter
@itsshannen__ Never met them (I wish I had though) well when they were doing video diaries on the up all night tour of my questions was asked so that was pretty cool and that was 4yrs ago …but nothing else unfortunately
@Niam_Lashton_ I have not met them, and unfortunately, they still fail to acknowledge my existence
@cw1234 i have never met the band or been mentioned but I went to a concert in Manchester last year and it was amazing!
@AmyRoseWrightx I haven’t met the boys yet, which is really gutting and I do really hope to meet them one day, however I am lucky enough to have been to every single tour and I’ve had standing tickets which means I’ve always been pretty close to seeing the boys!
@cwtchmeirwin Liam James Payne followed my personal account twitter account all the way back in 2012 and still follows me now! I have met them once, during the fetus days. Right at the earlier stages of one direction I met them. (Even before Niall had braces!) They were so caring and adorable!
@GrxcieBoo0212 Unfortunately i have never met the boys or been mentioned on any social media sights, i would love to though.

Any friends in real life who you can talk to, or is it all online?

@Megan_moriarty2 I have some friends In school that are fans so I share my obsession with them at school
@itsshannen__  Both I fanngirl online with the friends I’ve made through the band and also fan girl with my friends that live close by .
@Niam_Lashton_ I have a few friends in real life who are fangirls, but I do tend to keep my obsession online. Unless they release something when I’m at college, but that’s a whole different story.
@AmyRoseWrightx My fandom life mainly involves online seeing as the people who I can fangirl with live so far away, however I do have friends that I work with who like them so I just let my fangirl side go wild around them!
@GrxcieBoo0212 My best friends are also huge fangirls so that’s great.

How did you feel when Zayn left?

@cwtchmeirwin That awful day in March that every directioner wish never happened. I got home from school to see the dreaded Facebook post. I felt so heart broken! I remember thinking that it was a nightmare. The fandom was broken. I can honestly say I cried myself to sleep for 3 weeks straight. I seriously thought it was the end of One Direction.


@Megan_moriarty2 When zayn left I cried because I thought that was the end of 1D but when they said it wasn’t it made me feel a lot better
@Niam_Lashton_ The day Zayn left was extremely emotional. I remember everything like it was yesterday, I did cry a bit, but it was more out of shock. I just tried to keep everyone else together and see the more positive side to him leaving. I think a lot of the fans blame themselves for his departure, but realistically i think he just knew he wanted to go solo
@AmyRoseWrightx When Zayn left I actually thought it was a joke at first, it got announced 5 minutes before I finished work and when I finished I checked my phone and it had literally blown up with notifications and messages from all my friends asking if I was okay and I was so confused. Obviously like any 1D Fan I was gutted but I think it’s made them stronger.
@cw1234 when Zayn left I thought it was all over I though the band was going to break up and it would all be over he wasn’t my favourite so I sort of didn’t mind in a way.

@GrxcieBoo0212 When Zayn left i cried. It was a hard time for everyone in the fandom but we eventually dealed with the fact that he was no longer in the band but i fully suport him.
@itsshannen__  well Im not going to lie I cried when zayn left ..
But zayn recently did an interview which now I wish I’d never cried over him …he just left didn’t do it right could’ve came out and said something but he didn’t and now near 12months on he brings out a statement. So I won’t be supporting him

What about the ‘break’ – is it a break up?

@cwtchmeirwin One Direction deserve this break so damn much!!! They need the rest, they need family time, they need time to actually live and not be stuck in hotel rooms or cooped up on tour busses. I trust the boys when they say this isn’t the end. But if it is, then I know that this fandom or the memories of these last 5 years will never die!
I can’t thank One Direction enough, for what they have done for me as well as other directioners. How much they have supported and helped me through my troubles, for making me the person I am today!
I pray that this isn’t the end of One Direction!

@Megan_moriarty2 Well I’m hoping that will come back that will be amazing but I know that they need a break sometime
@Niam_Lashton_ The break didn’t really shock me, they have been touring and produce an album every year – they need some kind of break. I believe that they will be back, I mean they even promised us in a song…
@AmyRoseWrightx In my opinion im glad the boys are taking a break, even though how much I love them but I feel we can’t be sad after the 5 amazing years they’ve dedicated to us, and without a doubt they are going to be back before we know it and they will be bigger and better than ever before.
@cw1234 the break in March will be good for them they deserve it they have had a long 5 years.they need to come back though if not I will breakdown
@itsshannen__  I have doubts ..but ill stay hopeful …they promised millions of fans they would come back but I dunno ….if they break their promise I’ll be more disappointed  than upset because like they broke their promise and they will lose millions of fans ….but I hope they get a good rest he deserve it so much and enjoy their time off and come back when they are ready
@GrxcieBoo0212 I think they deserve the break with all the hard work they have been doing over the past 5 years. I don’t think this is the end for 1D they will come back because they have all said how much they love it.

God speed you crazy, wonderful fans. xo Rebecca