Reviews of This Beats Perfect

Carlie Sorosiak (Author of If Birds Fly Back)

The fact that I read This Beats Perfect in a less-than-24-hour binge is a pretty clear indication that I enjoyed it. Reading this novel also made me feel really cool somehow? Like I should pick up a guitar and learn how to play like someone suitably bad-ass.

Think if David Nicholls and Stephanie Perkins had a musically oriented book baby, and that’s basically This Beats Perfect. It’s not only a love song to the London music scene, but it’s also really, really funny. There are some cracking one-liners and classic British banter. Denton does dialogue superbly.

Amelie is incredibly relatable. You’ll root for her and also love her friend Maisie. (Can I get a hallelujah for female friendship?) The novel profiles several journeys of self-discovery that readers will dive into completely – and there’s also a swoon-worthy boy. So yeah, obviously I’m all about that, and all about this book.

It’s also an incredibly astute exploration of fame, social media, and what it means to be in the music industry. Great insights!

Put it on your TBR pile!

Kayla Olson (Author of The Sandcastle Empire)

You guys, I was 100% hooked from the moment I cracked this book open. THIS BEATS PERFECT is unapologetically—*delightfully*!—British and compulsively readable, with these huge personalities that absolutely leap off the page.

I loved main character Amelie for so many reasons, but one of the biggest was that I felt like I hadn’t read anyone quite like her before. I loved her for her talent, for her oh-so-real fears and layered dimension, for the way she was completely unimpressed with all things boy-band-flashy and didn’t seek superficial approval from anyone. Not only those things, but she was this awesome mix of humble-yet-confident and determined, set on succeeding with her own talent instead of riding anyone else’s famous/reputed coattails. So, not only did I really enjoy reading her perspective, I just super *respected* her. The peripheral characters in Amelie’s life were also fresh and fun to read—I loved her parents, and her unusual relationship with them, and I loved Maisie, her best friend.

And then there is Maxx, current member of boy band The Keep who isn’t satisfied with his superficially flashy life, who longs to use his legit musical talent (vocals! guitar! drums!) in ways he hasn’t been able to truly explore before. Those talents have gone unused for so long, buried by hair gel and spotlights and gimmicky group dance numbers, and he’s ready for something real, something he’s earned on his own.

Maxx and Amelie are on similar journeys from opposite ends of the fame spectrum, and that makes them the perfect complement for each other—I loved seeing how their stories intersected and affected each other. I hope you’ll pick this book up, and I hope you’ll love it like I did. If you’re like me, you won’t want it to end.