Pitch Wars. Let’s ‘ave it!

Welcome to my page!

Why hello there! I’m Rebecca.  By day, I’m a TV Producer (CN, Fox, Disney, MTV, BBC) and writer and I had my first book – This Beats Perfect – published in Feb this year.  I also have 2 more books under contract coming out soooooon (and another secret and very exciting book in the works!).

Generally,  I spend my day working on stories, whether for a new TV or web thing or my own books.  I spend so much time dealing with pitches in my other life as a TV producer and I can quickly tell a good tale from its cracking log line.

I didn’t finish high school. I never studied literature. I don’t really understand literary genres. I work on gut and feel. And use a lot of film and tv as inspiration for my books.  Sound like you?  Great.

What am I looking for?

New Noir/Horror or Comedy.

Neo Noir.

ˈnwɑː/ noun

a genre of crime fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.

Can you create alluring characters with dark secrets? A witty, elegant story with darkly passionate prose? A thriller jammed with the dreadful melancholia of the very best noir?

Make it contemporary and make it seep with mystery and suspense. Urban preferred, with great exploration of the underbelly of life.

I want to have goosebumps. I want a thrilling lead.  I want a modern Rear Window for teens.


ˈkɒmɪdi/ noun

characterized by its humorous or satirical tone and its depiction of amusing people or incidents, in which the characters ultimately triumph over adversity.

It’s been a shit couple of years, so I want to feel good. Can you make me laugh with your hugely original ensemble cast of diverse, rich and layered characters?

Can you find a contemporary setting that’s original and surprising (not school!).

A plot line that weaves and hops quickly along from A to B with no heavy exposition, but light and bubbly dialogue?

Show me your spirited story which is full of heart, but straddles the fine line between ridiculous and hilarious!


A tale intended to frighten, and often, but not always involving the supernatural.

Key here is I don’t want supernatural. I’m looking for psychological horror. I want horror that is real. Creepy before gore. Suspenseful and frightening without needing to see the hammer hit the head (so to speak!).

I want tension that’s built through atmosphere and exploitation of the reader’s and the character’s psychological fears.

But most importantly, and to quote my favourite TV writer friend ‘no crimes against the vagina’.

Has a strange neighbour moved next door? Is someone trapped in a mysterious cult? Is this a story of intruder or some kind of home invasion? Is the story medical or scientific? Some kind of experiment gone wrong?

In General 

I’d particularly love to hear from Kiwi, Australian and Pacifica authors with authentic voices and stories from the region.

I love to go deep into subcultures, so if your story is set in the world of vintage clock repairs, a Norwegian black metal gang, furries, off-off broadway players, cruise ship entertainers or elevator enthusiasts – gimme!

There’s no excuse for not having diverse characters that reflect our world.

Still Stuck? 

A bit of silly fun, but you can always try my YA Novel Idea Generator. (please feel free to share!)

Get hoping!

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