New book: A Secret Beat!

Two girls in London, determined to make their way in the music industry. Funny, fast-paced, fresh and full of insider tips, this is YA perfect for fans of Geek GirlTeen Vogue, Harry Styles and Haribo.

So here it is! The cover for book 2 from my London Music series – A Secret Beat.  You can pre-order right now thought WaterstonesAmazon or from your local book seller!

I loved A Secret Beat, not least because Rebecca Denton’s writing is so sharp and alive. Alexia is a smart, intrepid heroine, and the London setting is absolutely electric. This book explores the many facets of ambition, moral complexity, all of the dark corners of growing up, and what it really means to do the right thing. (Natalka Burain, author of Welcome to the Slipstream)

Alexia Falls is eighteen, living in her parents’ New York penthouse and working with superstar boyband The Keep. But with her heart set on independence and a career behind the camera, she trades it all for a take-it-or-leave-it internship at London’s Bright Star Productions.

There, she meets fellow intern Greta. Greta’s East End upbringing couldn’t have been more different from Alexia’s, but she’s every bit as hungry for her big break.

But both girls have secrets.

While Alexia doesn’t want anyone knowing about her privileged connection to The Keep, Greta has been anonymously running their #1 social fan-feed since she was at school. And when the gossip columns somehow get news of the band’s latest scandals, suspicions and accusations start flying…

Real art demands integrity. But staying in the music business requires the opposite. Can you stay true to yourself when your heart follows a secret beat?