Track List – The Punk Factor


There are 33 awesome songs from the track list of The Punk Factor. It was easily my favourite to do. Some iconic, brilliant, and some barely known but brilliant punk artists.

Keep checking back as I update this list daily.


  1. Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

If there’s a defining track for punk girls, this surely has to be it. A riotous track, dirty and fierce.  I love the fact the single version was produced by Joan Jett (who also played guitar and did some background vocals on the track).

2. Sleater-Kinney – Surface Envy

From their album No Cities to Love, this band have been making awesome music for two decades and they should never, ever, stop.

3. Souxie and the Banshees – Tenant

The lyrics to this track and fucking awesome, just reminds me so much of a dirty old student flat.

The plaster falls and a body reels… softly
Forty watt bulb swing from a light cloud
On lawnmower groan, the carpet has grown
But they have eyes at the keyholes and ears at the walls
And the tendency for tenants is secrecy..

4. Joan Jett – Little Liars

There’s no doubting Joan Jett’s punk rock credentials, but I am a bit fan of her eighties glam rock days. This track is definitely one for screaming into a hairbrush into your bedroom.

5. Souxie and the Banshee’s – Happy House

6. King Loser – Morning Dew

I dedicated my book to Celia Mancini (Patel) who passed away last year. I used to sneak into pubs to watch this band when i was 17 and her passion and energy has stayed with me.